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SEO Coventry Tips – Why create a Blog?

Why creating a blog is brilliant for SEO

Creating blog articles or blog posts is one of the most important ways to promote your business whether your business has been in existence for decades or you have just started up. The point to take from this article is that good, well written blog posts / articles will always be the cost-effective cornerstone of any website promotion.

When creating a blog article it is imperative that you make the piece relevant to your target audience and make sure it provides real help and advice for your readers.

Gaining that “expert” reputation

One of the main focuses facing new businesses today is generating sales through their website and in order to achieve this we must look at the credibility of a website. By creating articles which are centred in your area of expertise and more importantly by providing insightful advice on how to tackle customer problems you will begin to build a reputation as a “trusted” source of information.

Statistics tell us time and again that as human beings we are prone to believe what is written more than what is said and further to that we tend to believe what is typed than what is handwritten.

Creating articles providing they are well written, relevant and actually provide constructive help and advice will quickly give you “expert” status and the credibility which goes with that title.

A way to get backlinks

One of the best things about writing articles / blog posts is the potential backlinks which other blog writers may give you. If your articles are insightful and really tackle an issue that you have experience with dealing with then you will find that rapidly your article will be adopted by other bloggers who want to share your knowledge. With sharing comes more links!

So in summary

Visitors to your website will only read your blog if your articles are engaging and actually seek to solve a problem or explain ways to help. Blog posts aren’t simply about stuffing as many key words into your post to get recognised by the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

Make sure you write with passion and this way you will engage with your readers. If you do this you will keep visitors coming back, you will get the word around that your website is a good website to come to for advice and with this the “credibility” of your website traffic and rank will grow. An increase of “credibility” will draw in more people interested in your services.

Posted by Tom - Wednesday 23rd March 2011


  • GiGi says:

    Kagan has finished up the Great European Torah Scholar ptaorrits he’s been working on over at art process (a site where artists share the evolution of their work),

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