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Search Engine Optimization – Why Less Really is More

Often I am asked ‘what am I doing wrong with my SEO campaign? I alter or add to it almost every day and yet Google seems to hate me!’ Well the simple truth is that many of these people are, unknowingly, doing far too much – causing an intriguing SEO parallel that can eventually result in unwanted, adverse effects.

Lets start by clarifying this. When it comes to link building, headers, meta tags, search engine submissions, and to an extent even advertising campaigns, you must know when enough is enough. Here are a few select ways to avoid common mistakes that are in this vein.

Do not have keyword densities that search engines may consider too high

Do not place too many keywords in the meta tag areas

Do not place your links on too many directories in a very short period of time, or Google may penalize you (Always make sure to submit links manually)

Do not use lots of similar doorway pages

Do not own sites that have identical content and link to one another

Remember however, adding and changing actual content is still beloved by the search engines, so please do not stop doing this. Content is still King, and always will be. So let us look in depth now at the less is more theory in action and in relation to link building .

Links are undeniably important for a websites popularity. The more that point to your website the higher you will be ranked in search engine results. So does that mean you should spend days submitting your site to Link directories, relevant websites, even swapping links with other sites? Well, no, you shouldn’t. Not just because of the reason in the bullet points above either. Its simply that there are more important areas you should be spending your time on. For example adding great content to your site will benefit you in more ways that simply putting links into a directory. Lots of excellent content should result in; a higher chance of being found in search engines, an improved site that visitors are more likely to use/repeat use and also a good chance that other sites will simply want to link to you without you having to go to them.

Lets also remember that if you are running a business/shop then time is money. If you are set on having lots of links pointing to your site, consider using a professional company to run tasks such as a link building campaign. If you find a company that will run them for you at a reasonable cost it could well be worth it, allowing you to get on with more important tasks. These companies (usually) are experts at this kind of thing and run link building campaigns as a daily job. They know the best places to submit to and will do it quickly and more efficiently than you are likely to be able to.

If you spend too much of your time promoting your website, it is unlikely to be worth the effort you put in. Concentrate on your job or adding to your site as your prerogative. Free internet promotion really should be something you do when there is nothing else important that could be taking up your time. If you are unsure whether you are potentially overdoing something, either find a relevant article that explains the issue clearly, or simply ask in an SEO forum. There are always people around that will be happy to help you.

Posted by Nick - Tuesday 28th September 2010


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