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Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google have once again set an industry standard with their tools for tracking website visitors and statistics. Once set up you will be able to track pivitol information such as where your visitors come from, what pages they go onto the most and how long they stay on your site. Having information like this can be invaluable when it come to marketing. For example, if we advertised on it would be very helpful to know how many people click on our Yell advert, and of them how many click on our quote page. If we were converting a lot of visitors from Yell, we might choose to spend more of our advertising budget on Alternatviely, if Yell was wasting our money, we would know and choose to try something else. It is an anvaluble tool for us, and I am sure it will be for you to.


  • Egnes says:

    I am sorry that you are basing your opiinon on my Tweeting from the Council chambers on Tuesday night. Yes, there is sarcasm and humour, but that is easy to do in 140 characters. Solutions are a little more difficult (although I did make a point of stating that they were wasting time debating the adoption of a guideline and that they should move on, adopt it and take it for what it is; a guideline). If you read my most recent post here, on my blog, as well as the My Vision page, I offer a variety of solutions to the issues we face in Campbell River.Many people in Campbell River have made an opiinon of me, based on my writing and social media use. More often than not, they have never met me in person (is this the case with you and me?). Usually, if we sit face-to-face, they get a different opiinon. You say that you are making your decision, based on my Tweets in Council and your belief that I won’t be able to actually work with the other councilors? Would it surprise you to know that I have spent a great deal of time sitting with and working with a number of the other candidates, debating ideas and discussing solutions? Have you followed any of my other Twitter streams? If you have, then you will see that I am a very strong promoter of Campbell River and all it has to offer and that I have made connections all over North America with people who have never heard about Campbell River, but cannot wait until they get the chance come and visit (many already have and loved it). You might have also noticed that I am a huge promoter of Campbell River businesses that use Twitter and I re-Tweet pretty well everything that they post (along with virtually everything that is Campbell River oriented). Perhaps you even noticed my effort to win the community $100, 000 to $150,000 dollars in funding to create The River House, a place where local causes can gather, share resources and volunteers (a short business plan that I wrote in 3 hours to enter the contest. You may even remember the flap made by Rivercorp when a local radio station made comment about my efforts to help Campbell River to win the first round of the World Fishing Network Ultimate Fishing Town contest. I actually got in trouble for doing it too much . Go figure.What you see in the Tweets from Council is frustration, pure and simple. Last Tuesday I spent the entire 4 hours in the Council Chambers, following the proceedings. I do this every council meeting. I am usually the first one into the gallery and the last one out, and I was doing this long before any other candidate even announced their intention to run. Why? For the same reason that I spent 2.5 hours with homeless outreach / mental illness and addiction support workers and 8.5 hours out with the RCMP one night on a ride along. To learn. To get a better understanding of where things work and where things don’t.You are more than welcome to form your opiinon based on these Tweets. It is part of living in a free country, something I spent 16 years of my adult life defending as a Canadian soldier. I would suggest, however, that you take some time to read through all of my stuff online (Google Sean Smith Campbell River. There’s about 20 pages there). Perhaps you might give me a call and we can have coffee. I am always up for constructive criticism (which I did note in your comments, by the way) and I am aware that I come across as negative in some places. What I encourage people to do is look in the other places, as well.Thanks for your comments and I hope to hear back from you soon!Cheers,Sean

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